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I have been working with videography and editing since 2015, and am constantly striving to improve and better my own skills. Based in the south east of England, I have been sailing since the age of 6 so have a massive passion for being on the water in anything!

I am fortunate to have sailed in many different fleets over the years, and I have travelled across the UK and into Europe for large european & national events, and know just how much having a memento video is worth!

I believe there are massive benefits to having aerial video & photographic footage of sporting events, not only as a way of training, but also showing the world how exciting and exhilarating sport is!

Having developed skills for capturing and editing media in the sailing world, I am now expanding into other areas where drones can be useful, such as other sports, aerial shots of landscapes & business's, construction sites & roofing imagery. 

Mach2 Foiling Moth Eastbourne

Our Mission

Customer satisfaction is always our aim. Through unique imagery & videography we will give you a fresh approach to help you promote your event, business or marketing. 

We will work with you to ensure you get the media you want, delivering a bespoke and tailored service.

With safety always in mind we are continually learning and increasing our experience & qualifications, and we will advise any concerns regarding drone flight during your appointment and re-arrange if required, at no extra cost to you.

Our Process

1. Get in touch

Contact us to get the journey started.

2. Quote

Every job is different. After consultation we will provide a bespoke quote to meet your needs.

3. Booking

Once the quote has been agreed & signed we will book a date with you and monitor the weather until the day. 

4. Filming

Once with you a risk assessment will be completed and then filming commenced.

5. Editing

Using professional Adobe editing suite

(if required) to produce your requirements with the best possible result.

6. Delivery

Once payment is settled the media will be released via digital download or usb stick.

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